(Requires Chrome)

Map may take a while to load

Instructions: enter ow top speed, enter the direction the wind is coming from in degrees, select ship type, then click two points on the map.

For wind, make sure you enter a whole number, and one divisible by 15. I.e. 0, 15, 30, 45, 60, 75, 90...360

The info for the trip is placed under Trip Data in the upper left of the map. Here you get distance, heading, starting wind, ending wind, and time to complete. Be aware that the time to arrival is an estimate but it should be fairly close.

You can place multiple legs of a journey down or several completely separate trips. Just remember to change the wind for each leg. If you are continuing from a previous leg, put the ending wind for the previous leg in the wind input field so that your journey is correctly calculated. Do this before you place more way points. To place more waypoints for a continuing trip, place the first waypoint over the end waypoint of the previous leg by clicking in the center of the ending waypoint.

Enter a starting wind value and ship speed first and then click two points.